Official Trailer - The Home Road

A 74-year-old Maine man retraces the journey of his pioneering, 19-year-old great-great-grandfather, who left his home in Canada in 1845.

Below: To commemorate the Trek ahead of The Home Road feature film, I put a video together to a piece of music by Maine filmmaker and composer, Sumner McKane. This piece of music was composed entirely between May 31st and June 12th, 2015 as Ray was trekking, based on images sent to Sumner each day from the route. This video is a primarily visual "essence of" the nearly 200-mile and two-week adventure.

From May 31 - June 12, 2015, 74-year-old Ray Shevenell walked 188 miles from Compton, Quebec Canada to Biddeford, Maine USA retracing the pioneering journey of his great-great grandfather. Israel Shevenell first made the trek in 1845 at the age of 19 looking for work and is recognized as Biddeford's first permanent French-Canadian settler.


Below: The Home Road is my first documentary film. Over the winter of 2014, I put an introductory trailer together as a way to announce the film and to practice working with video, archive photos and other media; and editing and animation software (Final Cut Pro X and Motion).  

Introduction to the documentary film, The Home Road, by Tonya Shevenell and Home Ice Productions, Portland, Maine.